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Current Reports

Links to reports and other documents addressing current issues of interest are listed below:

Sonoma Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

City Council Appeal--389 Fourth Street East (attachments to the appeal)

Mission Square Photo-simulations

Mission Square: November 14th Planning Commission Review

Keyser Marston Associates "Assessment of the Large Hotel Growth Management Initiative's Potential Impact on Development Opportunities"

Mission Square: Revised Final EIR

City Hall Bell Tower Structural and Architectural Investigation (5/30/13)

One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) Grant Application (5/20/13 Council Meeting)

Chase Street Bridge Replacement Project - Fact Sheet

Fluoridation Briefing Materials (Sonoma County Department of Health Services)

Nicora Place Mitigated Negative Declaration/Initial Study (IS)

Nicora Place Project Information (IS Attachment 1)

Nicora Place Traffic Impact Study (IS Attachment 2)

Nicora Place Cultural Resources Evaluation (IS Attachment 3)

Nicora Place Historic Property Research Report (IS Attachment 4)

Nicora Place Stormwater Mitigation Plan (IS Attachment 5)

Nicora Place Arborist Report

3/4/13 Montini Preserve Transfer Documents

Community Swimming Pool

Traffic Impact Study for Peet's Coffee and Tea


Chateau_Sonoma_Traffic Study

Maxwell Village Pedestrian Improvement Project Plans

Maxwell village Pedestrian Imrpovements Project Specifications

Montini Preserve--Approved Trail Alignment

Montin Preserve--Western Trailhead

City of Sonoma Hazard Mitigation Plan

Report to the SVCAC on a proposed General Plan amendment and sphere of influence amendment, along with the prezoning and annexation of two parcels (APNs 127-051-105, 106) having a combined area of 59.5 acres. (Applicant: City of Sonoma; Property Owner: Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District.)

Presentation by the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency on Organization Structure and Programs

Notice of Intent/Initial Study for Montini Preserve Prezoning

CDA/Foothill Partners Disposition & Development Agreement (DDA)

DDA Summary Report

Storm Drain Master Plan

Final Urban Water Management Plan (5/23/11)

Case for Shared Services

2010 Water Supply Plan and Rate Connection Study

PowerPoint Presentation for Water Study Session (9/9/10)

Water Study Session (12/10/08) Material

Cemetery Town Hall Meeting (12/04/08) Presentation

Action Plan for City Cemeteries (25.92 MB file...download may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection)

Bicycle Improvement Options Report

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan (853 KB file)

2007 Water System Connection Charge and Rate Study (9.14MB file)

Draft Sonoma Valley Groundwater Management Plan, October 2007 (21.2 MB file - may take a few minutes to download) and Appendices (13.0 MB)

Assessment of Possible Uses for the Blue Wing Inn
Blue Wing Inn Historic Structures Report (21.4 MB file)

Depot Museum

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